Bird Drawing for Fun and Meditation Class

$ 100.00

Hey!  Do you like how I draw and paint birds?!  Would you like to learn how to draw birds?  How about if there was snacks and wine?!

For many years I have wanted to share with people how to draw and sketch.  I mostly draw birds so I would love to share not only basic drawing techniques but how to draw our adorable feathered friends.  I will provide Sketchbooks, pens, fun stories and expert advice, snacks, and drinks all in one  lovely evening for YOU to come draw with me

- You get a night out doing something different! (With snacks and wine)

- A full class in drawing techniques for fun and meditation (because everyone needs less stress right?!)

- A lovely sketchbook and set of pens to take home with you.

- A print of one of my drawings.

- A finished drawing created BY you to show off to all your friends!

All in one night here at Arc Studios and Gallery in SOMA.  Lets Jam


This class is designed for EVERYONE in mind.  Can you barely draw stick figures?  Perfect!  Do you think your doodles aren’t good? Perfect!!  Beginners, novices, dabblers, doodlers, pros, all are welcome.  Please don’t feel like you need ANY experience.  This is a good time and totally designed to meet you where you’re at.  Besides, drawing straight lines is overrated anyway.  Come jam. 


Friday September 29th 6-9pm.  Arc Studios and Gallery is located at 1246 Folsom St. in San Francisco.