2018 Calendar

$ 12.00 $ 25.00

It is almost that time of year again.  That time when you start thinking about next year....thinking about gifts for friends.....art....It's Calendar Pre-Sale Time!

I just designed a rough draft of next year's calendar and will be finalizing the design this month.  Then it's time to get them printed and distributed.  Of course, all of that takes a good chunk of change so every year I offer Calendar Pre-Orders.   It helps me cover the costs to get the calendars made...and I can offer cool deals to you as a thank you.

4 for 5 Deal - As in previous years, if you buy 4 you get the 5th one free!  No coupons needed.  Just buy 4 and I will add an extra calendar to your order. That's a 20% Savings.

BUY ONE GET ONE FREE - Jan.6th thru Jan.10th!  Order 1 get 2..  order 3 get 6.


Free Shipping!

All Pre-Orders get processed as soon as the calendars arrive from the printer, meaning that you will be the first to get 2018's Calendars.  I will do all I can to get hte calendars to you well before X-Mas so you can give them as gifts.  Thank you for supporting my art.  Have a great year.

*Rough Draft means that specific images and layouts may change slightly in the final calendar.  But don't worry the changes won't be drastic.