Weekly Watercolor Project - Week #4 January 21, 2018 20:37

'The Jungle Queen'

This week was pretty odd.  I am struggling with being overwhelmed by little things.  My list isn't necessarily as filled as it has been in the past but I am kind of running on fumes.  I never seem to be able to rest enough.  I am very low energy.  I am not exactly sure whats up but it's pretty frustrating.  I am hoping this week I can jump start things with Sketch Tuesday and a few studio days.  Also I applied for a huge mural in Hickory Ally.  If I get it that would be a huge help to me not only financially but it would give me the chance to make some art without deadlines.  Just create some things on my timeline.  I will hear about he mural submission selection on the 26th.  So cross your fingers for me.  Something needs to help me turn this corner.  Anyway. 

Here is week #4.  Another ink drawing colored in with watercolors.  I like the way these look but they aren't whole compositions yet.  So I need to step away from birds for a minute and practice drawing and painting some other things.  Next week I may just pick some stuff out of a hat and see what happens.  Have a good week.