Weekly Watercolor Project - Week #3 January 15, 2018 13:12


This week's piece isn't much new from me.  I just felt like colorizing one of my ink drawings.  This time around I only used Inktense pencils and Micron Pens.  And it made me understand the difference form applying the pencils, from traditional watercolors.  And I think i prefer the traditional watercolors.  At least for the most part.  Although I think the pencils kind of go faster.

One thing I use that I quite enjoy is the water brushes I bought.  Basically its a brush with water in it like an ink pen.  Once the pencils are colored in you can go over them with the water brush and make it look like watercolors.  Do you use watercolors?  Do you like certain ones?  Have you use Inktense pencils as well?  Please let me know.  And thanks for following along.  Have a great week.