Weekly Watercolor Project - Week #1 January 1, 2018 16:42

'And so it begins...'

Happy New Year.  This year I am going to be making a weekly watercolor piece.  Some of them will be good...others will be a learning experience.  Here is Week #1's piece.  I did this with all inktense pencils and a water brush...with a little bit of ink at the end.  It's hard for me to not want to add ink lines to the piece.  Maybe it's my affinity for cartoons.  Also I think I am a little scared to just let the paint be the star.  So next week I will ban pens from the desk just for fun.   With this piece I can see that I didn't really leave enough highlights on the bird.  So I am gonna plan for that better in the future.  And finally, I approached this with the same mentality as a sketch....I think one thing that will be key going forward is paying more attention to the composition as a whole.  I guess this is  good starting point.  Can't wait to see how this project develops.  Do you have any watercolor advice?  Leave me a comment and let me know something to try.