A New Art Adventure in the New Year! December 10, 2017 05:51

Starting in 2018

One of the things that I have been missing in my art making process has been a sense of exploration and experimentation.  Sometimes I can get so caught up with deadlines that I don't get to sit and just play with paint.  I don't get to make stuff just for the fun of making it anymore.    When painting is your full time job it's hard to break away and make things just cause you want to.  Everything you create kind of becomes a way to pay the bills...or its not good enough.

SO I decided to create the Weekly Watercolor Project.  My original inspiration is Annie Galvin's 'Doodle A Day' Project.  And I originally thought about doing a daily piece.  But I also don't have a lot of time, daily, to pull it off.  I have tried daily things before...some successful like the Gift Prolific....and others not so much.  I barely made it through a week of Inktober this year.  So weekly fits for me.  Plus I want to actually complete the project and have it be fun.  Not a chore and right now 'daily' feels like a chore.

I am choosing watercolors as it is kind of new to me.  It's a way of painting that is kind of the opposite of acrylic painting.  With acrylic I can repaint the same thing ten times.  With watercolor you really get one shot.  So I feel like my drawings, my composition plans, and my painting choices will all need to be a little more thought out.  Which is good because I would like to up my skills at all of these things.

I will post the pieces on this blog and social media.  I may or may not post the pieces in my store.  I will make that decision later.  I just want to focus on making fun art.  With no pressure to make sellable things.  After all some of these experiments may be terrible...hehe.  It's time to have some fun again and make art without deadlines or money pressure.  This project starts the first week of January. 

Thank you for following along and supporting me and my work.