Front Page News! August 13, 2015 09:23

I am honored and amazed to tell you that the Bird Song Mural that I designed and worked on for ArtSpan in June, graced the cover of the San Francisco Chronicle yesterday.  I spent pretty much all day on cloud nine.  The story talks about ArtSpan and their recently acquired offices in the old Wall Street Journal building at 1540 Market St.  These offices will be used for temporary artist residencies as well as places for artists to design and create work on a project basis.  ArtSpan commissioned and funded the mural as well as put the call out to 25 volunteers to paint it.  It took us only 1 week to paint the 6,000 square foot wall. 
There are many people to thank....ArtSpan Staff, Artist Volunteers, Robert Minervini for showing me how to pull this off, My Family (Yes I made my mom, who was in town, work all week.  My wife and child too), Build Inc., ArtSpan Board Members, Russell the Parking Lot Guy, The Doughnut Shop folks, The SF Chronicle, SF Arts Commission peeps that watched it all week and helped us get press, and the many passers by that enjoy the mural.  Thank you all for making this thing be what it is.  WOOT!