Buffalo Mural Gets Some Press! September 8, 2022 14:03

Another mural I’ve painted made a newspaper cover this week!  Get yourself a copy of the Sunset Beacon and see my mural of a Buffalo and flamingo friends.  Hehe.  So cool.  There is also an interview on page 7.  Woot. 

Totem Show opening at Modern Arden in San Francisco. September 8, 2022 13:58

September 10th - October 5th 

My piece ‘The Visitors’ is available through Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco.  See for show previews.  I’m super honored to be in this show.  So many great artists.  Check it out.

Holiday Fair at Arc Gallery and Studios! October 21, 2021 17:18

Holiday Gift Market at Arc
Friday, December 3rd, 5-9PM

1246 Folsom Street, in SOMA between 8th & 9th streets
Free unrestricted street parking after 6PM
​4 block from the Civic Center BART station

Get a jump-start on your holiday shopping and enjoy meeting local artists & makers.

Arc studio artists will have their studios open to all and guest artists will be offering their wares downstairs in the main gallery & project gallery.

I want to go HOME! June 29, 2021 16:05

August 28th.  Opening at my studio.  Birdhouses.  Arc Gallery (upstaiers studio #206) 1246 Folsom St.  6-9 pm

2021 News... February 17, 2021 19:49

Hey all,  hopefully everyone is safe, well, and warm.  2021 is off to a crazy start.  I have some new series coming up soon.  Some big....some little.  One of the things I really need to get done is a website redesign.  So that’s gonna happen soon.   And I would love to say thanks!  I am very close to 1000 orders on  Thank You all so much.  I’m definitely going to organize some free gifts for orders.  

I am also finishing up my last scheduled if you’d like a commission, let’s talk about that.  I have some time coming up and would love to make something cool for you. 

Talk to you all soon. 

Coloring Book Pages March 28, 2020 12:40

Right now we are all stuck sheltering in place.  Please fight boredom with these coloring pages.  Enjoy.  Download, print, color and share your results on social media.  Tag Joshua Coffy when you do please so I can see your work. Enjoy.

 Download the 18 Page PDF here.


The Wild Kingdoms Solo Exhibit September 7, 2019 11:36

Currently my work is on display at the Luna Rienne Gallery in San Francisco.  It is my solo show 'The Wild Kingdoms'.  Please stop by the gallery and say hi to ten new paintings.

Civilizations June 28, 2018 15:52

Join us Friday August 3, 6-9pm at Secession Art & Design for the opening of Civilizations, a collaborative show of work by Joshua Coffy and Heather Robinson. Thirteen new paintings by Josh and Heather feature endangered and threatened animal species.

Civilizations will be showing at Secession July 31 - September 30, 2018.

The Earth is 4.8 Billion years old. A billion years later life began on Earth. Man has been on Earth for roughly only 200,000 years. And civilizations started around 6,000 years ago. The Earth’s animals are encountering a relatively new problem...civilizations.

Humans are constantly encroaching on turf and territory long held by birds, mammals, and reptiles. Building one civilization displaces the natural ‘civilization’. Can animals outlast the manycivilizations as they come and go like the tides?

This art is created to highlight many of the creatures that are considered endangered or threatened. Their habitat is constantly being compromised in a give-and-take with civilizations. In a sense the work is created with that same give-and-take. Artist Heather Robinson creates the playing field with layers of fabric, design, colors, and patterns.
Then she hands the work to artist Joshua Coffy to add the actors. This collaborative effort is adelicate balance that pushes and pulls the attention, giving voice to the many creatures that are facing this challenge of Civilizations.


Services Offered May 10, 2018 14:37


April 2017 Update - Wood Prints Go Corporate

Here (above) are some fantastic shots of my wood mounted prints in a conference room in a corporate office in downtown San Francisco. 

This work was produced and delivered in partnership with Heidi McBride & Company.  Photos taken by Austin Dickson.

'Space Between The Ears' Mural in the news. March 5, 2018 12:33

My mural 'Space Between The Ears' in Reno Nevada grace's the top of an article about Reno's blossoming art scene on  I love that they pictured it with the incredible work of Lisa Kurt (my BFF)!  Check it out

Weekly Watercolor Project - Week #4 January 21, 2018 20:37

'The Jungle Queen'

This week was pretty odd.  I am struggling with being overwhelmed by little things.  My list isn't necessarily as filled as it has been in the past but I am kind of running on fumes.  I never seem to be able to rest enough.  I am very low energy.  I am not exactly sure whats up but it's pretty frustrating.  I am hoping this week I can jump start things with Sketch Tuesday and a few studio days.  Also I applied for a huge mural in Hickory Ally.  If I get it that would be a huge help to me not only financially but it would give me the chance to make some art without deadlines.  Just create some things on my timeline.  I will hear about he mural submission selection on the 26th.  So cross your fingers for me.  Something needs to help me turn this corner.  Anyway. 

Here is week #4.  Another ink drawing colored in with watercolors.  I like the way these look but they aren't whole compositions yet.  So I need to step away from birds for a minute and practice drawing and painting some other things.  Next week I may just pick some stuff out of a hat and see what happens.  Have a good week.

Weekly Watercolor Project - Week #3 January 15, 2018 13:12


This week's piece isn't much new from me.  I just felt like colorizing one of my ink drawings.  This time around I only used Inktense pencils and Micron Pens.  And it made me understand the difference form applying the pencils, from traditional watercolors.  And I think i prefer the traditional watercolors.  At least for the most part.  Although I think the pencils kind of go faster.

One thing I use that I quite enjoy is the water brushes I bought.  Basically its a brush with water in it like an ink pen.  Once the pencils are colored in you can go over them with the water brush and make it look like watercolors.  Do you use watercolors?  Do you like certain ones?  Have you use Inktense pencils as well?  Please let me know.  And thanks for following along.  Have a great week.


Weekly Watercolor Project - Week #2 January 7, 2018 16:16

We All Rust

Well I made it to week 2.  I have been doing a lot of thinking this week about aging.  I'm not worried about balding (obviously), grey hairs, wrinkles, or much of that exterior stuff.  I do however worry about how getting older makes me feel.  And lately it's making me feel like shit.  I have a good sizable amount of health issues.  And man, as I get older they feel harder and harder to overcome.  And I'm not even that old.  I can't even imagine what it was like for my grandparents who seemed to always be in pain or walk funny.  They hid it as best they could.  I'm not as good at hiding it.  Although people assume I am doing ok most of the time as long as I show up and do stuff.  So maybe I can fake it pretty well too.  Anyway.  I am not sure what to do about it all.  It seems like the solutions I find are either bullshit or some sort of system you have to buy into.  And I wonder if trying is even something I can do.  Or want to.

Sorry if it seems a little sad but this is the truth that has found me this week.  I am tired of feeling like shit but I feel too shitty to seem to be able to do much about it.  We all rust...eventually.

Weekly Watercolor Project - Week #1 January 1, 2018 16:42

'And so it begins...'

Happy New Year.  This year I am going to be making a weekly watercolor piece.  Some of them will be good...others will be a learning experience.  Here is Week #1's piece.  I did this with all inktense pencils and a water brush...with a little bit of ink at the end.  It's hard for me to not want to add ink lines to the piece.  Maybe it's my affinity for cartoons.  Also I think I am a little scared to just let the paint be the star.  So next week I will ban pens from the desk just for fun.   With this piece I can see that I didn't really leave enough highlights on the bird.  So I am gonna plan for that better in the future.  And finally, I approached this with the same mentality as a sketch....I think one thing that will be key going forward is paying more attention to the composition as a whole.  I guess this is  good starting point.  Can't wait to see how this project develops.  Do you have any watercolor advice?  Leave me a comment and let me know something to try.

A New Art Adventure in the New Year! December 10, 2017 05:51

Starting in 2018

One of the things that I have been missing in my art making process has been a sense of exploration and experimentation.  Sometimes I can get so caught up with deadlines that I don't get to sit and just play with paint.  I don't get to make stuff just for the fun of making it anymore.    When painting is your full time job it's hard to break away and make things just cause you want to.  Everything you create kind of becomes a way to pay the bills...or its not good enough.

SO I decided to create the Weekly Watercolor Project.  My original inspiration is Annie Galvin's 'Doodle A Day' Project.  And I originally thought about doing a daily piece.  But I also don't have a lot of time, daily, to pull it off.  I have tried daily things before...some successful like the Gift Prolific....and others not so much.  I barely made it through a week of Inktober this year.  So weekly fits for me.  Plus I want to actually complete the project and have it be fun.  Not a chore and right now 'daily' feels like a chore.

I am choosing watercolors as it is kind of new to me.  It's a way of painting that is kind of the opposite of acrylic painting.  With acrylic I can repaint the same thing ten times.  With watercolor you really get one shot.  So I feel like my drawings, my composition plans, and my painting choices will all need to be a little more thought out.  Which is good because I would like to up my skills at all of these things.

I will post the pieces on this blog and social media.  I may or may not post the pieces in my store.  I will make that decision later.  I just want to focus on making fun art.  With no pressure to make sellable things.  After all some of these experiments may be terrible...hehe.  It's time to have some fun again and make art without deadlines or money pressure.  This project starts the first week of January. 

Thank you for following along and supporting me and my work.


Going, Going, Gone Show in Paso Robles. August 15, 2017 23:18

Going, Going, Gone: Art in the Age of of Extinction
Studios on the Park in Paso Robles, 1130 Pine St, Paso Robles, CA 
Show dates: August 31 - September 24
Opening Reception: September 2, featured artist talk at 7 PM
I will be giving a featured artist talk at the opening.  See you there!

Strange Cousins From The West - July at Sierra Arts in Reno, NV. July 5, 2017 14:43

'Strange Cousins From The West' is a menagerie of curiosities curated by Joshua Coffy.  This show is filled with the lively work of artists from all over the Bay Area.  Catherine Moore, Maggie Hurley, Shane Izykowski, and Heather Robinson all join me in presenting their work at this point in their careers.

Please enjoy the show this July at Sierra Arts in Reno (17 S. Virginia St.).  Reception from 6-9pm on July 20th.  See Sierra Arts or the Facebook Page for more info.

Interview in the Arc Gallery Newsletter. June 6, 2017 09:08

A Conversation with Joshua Coffy
by Sherri Cornett
The whimsical animals and nature scenes in Joshua Coffy's acrylic, prints and mixed media works have their roots in the small rural township of Tuscarawas, Ohio, where he and his two brothers could be found, almost daily, fishing, hunting, hiking and playing. Add in a captivation with Georgia O'Keefe's skull paintings, engendered from a move to New Mexico when he was thirteen and which inspired him to first take up painting, a fascination with scientific illustration and design, and his extensive photo reference library and we see the building blocks of his intriguing and detailed work. 
SC: Joshua, let's start with something most viewers want to know from artists. What motivates you and how would you describe your art-making process, from inspiration to finished piece?
JC:  It feels rare when the picture on my panel is exactly what I see in my head. I love chasing that. I am always striving to get better. I follow artists that work the hardest and are always challenging themselves.
I sketch less than most artists I know and am trying to change that. [laughter] Most of the time my paintings start with a phrase I scribble in my sketchbook, which often become the titles to those paintings. I let the phrase sit for a while and build stories around it. Once I settle on the idea, I look through my photo reference library, piece together something in photoshop and then start painting. Sometimes the idea phase takes way longer than the painting. Mostly, I am an acrylic painter. I also use a mixed media technique I call "paper inclusion", where I paste or collage various papers into my paintings and then paint the subject on top of that inclusion. 
SC: Would you tell me about those subjects?
JC:  I use animals to illustrate metaphors in my life. With animals, people are free to add in their own story. If I used human models, the connotations would change.
Last year, I staged a show based on predator/prey relationships to illustrate that this is not good vs. evil, but simply survival. Right now I am working on a series for the Myths and Legends show with another Arc artist Diane Hoffman at Secession Art and Design, 3235 Mission Street., which runs from May 30th -July 30th
SC:  What would you like viewers to take away from experiencing your art?
JC:  I like it when my subjects remind viewers of someone they know and when they make up their own stories and apply them to my illustrations. But, it is a thrill when I can clearly communicate the story I was trying to tell.
SC:  How do you recharge your creativity?
JC: Lots of naps. [laughter] Walking in the woods, visits to the zoo, playing the ukulele and with my son. For my birthday, my wife and son bought me a membership to MOMA. It's AWESOME! And I also rather enjoy going to Burning Man.
SC:  Would you tell me about a particularly meaningful or influential response to your art?
JC:  In 2012, I created The Gift Prolific ( As a response to a crippling depression, I gave a gift to someone every day for a year. Then I made a small painting about each day's gift. At the end of the year, I staged the exhibit at Burning Man. Then, I gave all the paintings away as gifts. People connected with me in so many ways through this project. Some were looking for a way to beat their own depression. Some knew they wanted more of a daily meditation in their lives. Some became life-long friends. 
SC: It sounds like the gift giving went both ways! Are there other ways you are involved in the art community?

JC: I am the Co-Chairman of the Open Studios Committee of Artspan and love helping artists by giving workshops about art business and, through the Open Studios Mentor Team, assisting artists new to Open Studios get ready for their first participation. Artspan is a fantastic organization with year-round resources for San Francisco artists.

SC: And then there is the community of artist studios at Arc. What do you like about having a studio there?

JC: I have never been so in love with a workspace. I love splitting my studio with one of my favorite artists, Amy Ahlstrom. She works really hard and that keeps me on my toes. [laughter] Everyone here is a complete bad ass at what they do. It is awesome and I feel very welcomed. I can't wait until Fall Open Studios. It should be a blast. 
SC: Any last words?
I feel fortunate that I get to do this for a living. Art and "dadding." [laughter] As a father, I am learning so much stuff weekly from my son. He has brought out a tenderness and playfulness in me, moving my art to a lighter place than in the past.  Art is filled with ups and downs. I work harder than I ever did for any "job", but I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Joshua Coffy currently lives near Glen Park with his wife and seven-year old son. Click here to view a documentary video about his "Bird Song" mural he painted at Van Ness and Market in San Francisco. Joshua's website is
Sherri Cornett is a curator, consultant and artist living in Billings, Montana.

Joshua Coffy, Let Me Tell Your Story

'Myths & Legends' is coming June 9th! May 8, 2017 17:37

Big news of the month.  Dianne Hoffman and I are creating a new show together.  This time around we are chasing Myths and Legends.

Myths & Legends
at Secession Art & Design
3235 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Duo show featuring mixed media artists Joshua Coffy & Dianne Hoffman portraying the mysterious fables and playful superstitions of legendary mythical creatures.
Exhibition: May 30 - July 30, 2017 
Opening Reception: Friday, June 9, 2017 6-9pm

Homecourt Advantage.....October 22nd and 23rd. September 12, 2016 11:57

Please join me for this show!  Its going to be filled with paintings, drawings, and birdhouses.  Come one out to the reception on the 23rd.  Or if you like the Open Studio on the 22nd.  Enjoy.

Dualities Show.....Coming to LA! May 3, 2016 00:50

A Letter to my Friends and Family... March 17, 2016 08:14

A Letter to My Friends and Family.

Thank YOU! Thank you for being there while i learned to paint better. Thank you for being there for the many days of incredible self doubt as an artist. For the last ten plus years I have been doing my best to make art and sell it to people and you have been there for me. Some of you bought art from me when me and my family were broke! You made sure we had bread and peanut butter. I have been asked to Live Paint at some really cool events and with some of my favorite local bands. I chased down BIG ideas, all while you were there watching my progress on facebook or my blog. I had years where I made paintings pretty much every day to end up giving them away. The Gift Prolific taught me that I can do big things one step at a were with me that whole time. I have made so many friends over the years and my next big project was to quit my job and give the full-time gig a try and you were there right away to support me.

I started volunteering for ArtSpan and still do to this day. Volunteering for the SF Arts Non Profit has taught me so much. And helped advance things as well....My painting was chosen to be the cover of SF Open Studios guide and was plastered all over the city on buses and trains bringing my art to even more people. I have gone from being in lots of little group shows to staging my own solo shows.....and you all showed up every time. I have had huge print jobs come my way because of you and they paid tons of my bills. I have had big shows with artists that I know and respect. I got the chance to design and paint a 6000 square foot mural with artists that I respect very much....and that mural has graced the cover of the San Francisco Chronicle! That's something I will never get over. I have paintings all over the world...including a few in the Burning Man HQ.

All of these things were just dreams a few years ago. And none of them would have happened if it weren't for you supporting me at every single turn. Today is the first day of year 3 (full-time). I am prepping 2 huge solo shows. And you are with me now. I will do my best to continue to tell my story and have a great time.. Thank you for being with me every single my head, my heart, and my life. Making paintings on Team Coffy. Thanks for reading. Have a fantastic day!


Weekend Sale! February 25, 2016 23:24

While the cat's away the mice will play! While I am not tending the store you can get 30% your whole order! Holy cow! I might lose in Vegas but you will win while I am gone. Enjoy!

Super Duper Birthday Sale! One Day Only! January 27, 2016 19:02

It's coming up......get ready!

Mini Documentary (4/365) January 5, 2016 01:30

So instead of creating a drawing today I posted a small 2 minute documentary of me working in my studio and prepping for my solos shows this year.  I am considering creating a longer documentary showing the trials and tribulations of the artist's journey as they get ready for shows.  I might be the only person to ever watch it but that would be ok too.


Anyway check out the link HERE.

Woody Guthrie Uke Tribute (3/365) January 3, 2016 20:37

I have been in a good amount of pain all day. And i had to force myself to sit and draw this....It's only Day 3. Oh man. hehe. Here ya go. This is my Uke Tribute to the incredible Woody Guthrie.

Cedar Waxwing (2/365) January 2, 2016 19:38

Cedar Waxwing drawing on some scrap watercolor paper.  Fun to get the spirograph out.

365 Days of creating. (1/365) January 1, 2016 20:12

Among all of the art I will be making this year I would like to chare with you a cute idea.  I am going to be making something creative everyday.  Most likely as a warm for my day job (painting)....I will draw something, make a song with the uke, dance, or make something.  And I will share it here on the Undersong Blog.  Enjoy.  Here is today's drawing 'Spring is Coming...' (ink on paper)

December is upon us... November 30, 2015 21:02

As many of you know I have been dealing with some very serious health issues for the last 2 months.  This has forced me to cancel many of my art shows and commitments.  Which on the surface sounds like a bad thing....but in reality it has given me a chance to step back and balance things a little bit better than I was before.  I don't have much planned until January when I will start working on 2 Solo Shows in 2016. 

- July @ the Cactus Gallery in Los Angeles, 'Duality: Survival of Predator and Prey' Working Title)

- October @ STUDIO Gallery in San Francisco, 'Sentient' (Working Title)

I am planning to create roughly 30 pieces for each show.  Which will keep me plenty busy.  But I am very excited about each of these shows.  I will be posting progress pics and some behind the scenes photos on the blog to keep you all in the loop. 

Thanks so much for an amazing year 2015.  The calendars are out and look amazing.....and so does 2016.  I really appreciate all of your support.  This whole art dream would be just a dream if you weren't here to play along.  Thanks and talk to you soon.


Open Studios - Oct.31st and Nov.1st. - Your'e Invited September 29, 2015 11:04

Come see what I am up to these days.  I will have many original paintings and prints for sale....and there is even a rumor that I will make cookies.

Chillin Productions - Upcoming Show - Oct. 10th September 25, 2015 18:14

I am honored and excited to be a part of the Chillin Productions Show this year.  Check it out

Front Page News! August 13, 2015 09:23

I am honored and amazed to tell you that the Bird Song Mural that I designed and worked on for ArtSpan in June, graced the cover of the San Francisco Chronicle yesterday.  I spent pretty much all day on cloud nine.  The story talks about ArtSpan and their recently acquired offices in the old Wall Street Journal building at 1540 Market St.  These offices will be used for temporary artist residencies as well as places for artists to design and create work on a project basis.  ArtSpan commissioned and funded the mural as well as put the call out to 25 volunteers to paint it.  It took us only 1 week to paint the 6,000 square foot wall. 
There are many people to thank....ArtSpan Staff, Artist Volunteers, Robert Minervini for showing me how to pull this off, My Family (Yes I made my mom, who was in town, work all week.  My wife and child too), Build Inc., ArtSpan Board Members, Russell the Parking Lot Guy, The Doughnut Shop folks, The SF Chronicle, SF Arts Commission peeps that watched it all week and helped us get press, and the many passers by that enjoy the mural.  Thank you all for making this thing be what it is.  WOOT!

Upcoming Solo Show - Hotel Triton - Aug 27th Reception August 7, 2015 02:50

Hey there,

I have an upcoming Solo Show a the Hotel Triton near Union Square...(342 Grant Ave.)  I am really proud of the new pieces I have in the show.  And I am also sharing a few of my older and recent pieces.  It's kind of a fun retrospective as some of the ideas have come full circle.  Hence the title...'rEvolve'.  I hope to see you all on Aug. 27th form 6-9pm.  Let's hang out look at art and talk about whatever.  Take care.

The Mural - Day 2 June 17, 2015 06:43

Here is a pic of a portion of the mural....and my smiling face.  Please stop by 1540 Market Street this week and say hi!  Thanks to all the neighborhood folks that have had many nice compliments.

Big News #1 June 5, 2015 19:34

OK....I can finally announce this big thing. This week my design was selected for a mural on ArtSpan's Journal Building! We start painting in 9 days! the mural is approx. 6,000 Square feet. Looks like it is time to get over my fear of heights. WOOT! Thank you to ArtSpan and all the people that support me and my art. Let's rock this!

1540 Market Street. Near Van Ness....right next to the Happy Donut.

The design is based off of my painting Bird Song #2.

Reflected coming May 2, 2015 10:47

'Storybook' show by hosted by Modern Eden March 25, 2015 23:02

I am honored to be in this show!  Please mark your calendars and come see it!

March Events... March 2, 2015 10:33


Here is a list of the art happenings in March

  • March 7th - Ukulele Gig - I will be playing a set of my originals and a few covers at Abura-Ya Japanese Pop Up.  This is a fundraiser to protect the Mokelumne River.  Songwriter Supper Details.

  • March 14th - Swim Season Show - An art show based on Adult Swim Cartoons will have an opening at the 63 Bluxome St Gallery in San Francisco.  I have one piece in this show and plan on being in attendance.  So stop in and hang out.

  • March 14th - Loteria Show - The Cactus Gallery in Los Angeles is hosting a show based on Loteria Cards for their Tenth Anniversary.  I have one piece in the show but unfortunately will not be in attendance.  But if you are in LA you should go check out this gallery.  This is my first show with them.

  • March 15th - Studio Warming Party - Audrey Heller and I invite you to our studio for drinks, art, and uke music.  3-7pm.  2377 San Jose Ave.  Also celebrating my 1 year anniversary of being a full time artist.

  • March 21st - Live painting at the Brick and Mortar with the Jeremy Jones Band.

  • March 28th - ArtSpan's Juried Benefit Auction - Assuming my piece gets finished and accepted I will be at this show as well.  This could be your chance to pick up some great art and support my favorite Non Profit Group.

Also my prints are now available at Local Take and Artillery Art and Apparel in San Francisco...AND now at Collector in Berkeley!  So please stop in and show these businesses your support!

Live Painting Tonight! February 20, 2015 08:35


Tonight I will be Live Painting at the Elbo Room in the Mission.  I will start just after 8pm.  I am there with my friend Karl's band The Greening.  Come on out and see what happens.....See you there.

January Events January 25, 2015 14:48

The new site is up and running.  Here are the last few events that I have in January.

  • Thursday Jan. 29th - It's my Birthday!!!!
  • Saturday Jan. 31st - I will be playing original songs and story telling at the 773 Cabrillo with my friend Blood And Dust.

Hope to see you out and about.  Many more things to come.